In Memoriam

(Extract from)

by Alfred, Lord Tennyson


I dreamed there would be Spring no more,
   That Nature’s ancient power was lost :
   The streets were black with smoke and frost,
They chattered trifles at the door :
I wandered from the noisy town,
   I found a wood with thorny boughs :
   I took the thorns to bind my brows,
I wore them like a civic crown :
I met with scoffs, I met with scorns
   From youth and babe and hoary hairs :
   They called me in the public squares
The fool that wears a crown of thorns :
They called me fool, they called me child :
   I found an angel of the night ;
   The voice was low, the look was bright ;
He looked upon my crown and smiled :
He reached the glory of a hand,
   That seemed to touch it into leaf,
   The voice was not the voice of grief,
The words were hard to understand.
Alfred, Lord Tennyson | Classic Poems

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