A Barrie Story

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A Barrie Story

Post by Oskar » Sat Jan 09, 2010 3:25 pm

Barrie once casually mentioned on one of his threads that he used to be a gravedigger. I couldn't let that pass, so I PM'd him. This is was his reply:

I was a gravedigger for almost three years, I worked for the local council at Leigh cemetery. It was quite interesting really - believe me, most of the time you can have a laugh if you have the right type of humour.
One day I had a particularly easy grave to dig (a re-opener, sandy soil) and I was about five feet down approaching break time. Anyway, I decided to do another spit before going for my break. Almost immediately I unearthed a skull - the coffin had completely disappeared As I was having a good look at this I heard another one of the diggers approaching. I knew he hadn't seen me because I was still in the grave, so I slid an old door over the grave with me still inside it (we used old doors to cover up open graves to stop idiots falling in them). I knew this lad to be a bit superstitious, so I picked up the skull and placed it between the door and the edge of the grave. As he walked by the grave, in my loudest, gravelly, Hammer House of Horrors whisper, I rasped his name - JIMMY BANKS. He turned, saw the 'apparition', went white and moved faster than I thought possible.
During break, he just sat there ashen faced. After a while the foreman turned to him and asked,
"What's the matter Jimmy? You look like you've seen a ghost."

That's gospel.


It's a great story. Typical Barrie.
"This is going to be a damn masterpiece, when I finish dis..." - Poeterry

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Re: A Barrie Story

Post by David » Sat Jan 09, 2010 3:39 pm

It is a great story. I feel I ought to throw another log on the fire and refill your glass with whisky.