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More Barrie Links

Post by juliadebeauvoir » Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:45 am

Here are some other writings that may or may not have made it on pg. I haven't had the time to go through each of them.
The first link takes you to 45 poems. The last link just shows his passion for football. Notice how he signed off. You gotta love it!

Kim ... results=44 ... _rio_.html
I think it's about time the F.A sorted out its moral standards if it's going to judge and pontificate. Rio is guilty of missing a drugs test; 36 hours later he passed one. He was therefore cleared of taking any performance enhancing drugs. If he had taken any illegal drug for social use surely that is up to him not the F.A. They don't breathalize players, do they? Anything illegal is a police matter or do the F.A. ban players for assault and other offences. Do they ban managers guilty of taking "bungs"?

If the F.A want to moralise, let them sort out the effing and blinding by most players in protest over decisions by people in authority in front of, and within earshot of, thousands of fans, many of them young and impressionable.

I don't know how Herr Sepp "Squeaky Klean" Blatter has got the neck to point any fingers. He must have made sure that there was nothing sticking to them!

The F.A. has really shown its true colours over this one. Inciting and engaging in a full scale brawls brings a three match ban - missing a blood-test brings an 8 month ban.

What happens on the pitch involving top players is reflected by kids on school pitches, and in society in general -sort that out F.A.

You should have stayed at Leeds Rio, you would have been given a severe talking to by a nasty F.A. policeman.

Yours disappointedly, B. Haughton
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