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2 Stanza exercise

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 8:54 pm
by Morwenna
Evening all

This is a little exercise I've come across (apologies if this has been posted before).

Construct 2 stanzas of equal line length, each stanza must contain the following words:

plain, shadow, mountain, light, glass

Some conditions:
1. The two stanzas must be two parts of one whole, and not two separate entities.
2. What's written must contrive to make sense, yet be as surprising as possible.

These words can be embedded in others, e.g. enlighten. A word with a different spelling but the same sound can also be used (e.g. 'plain' and 'plane'). Here's my offering:

Stalking up the mountain
light on his feet like a goat
He tips the glass-covered compass
Shadowing with his hand the face
as a plane drives forward clouds overhead.

In the glass reflection
the plane descends from its zenith
to nestle inbetween the mountain folds
disappeared from light and sight
colours change in the shadows.

Re: 2 Stanza exercise

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2012 6:30 pm
by KevJ
The tall plane casts a dappled green light
In the shadow of the mountain
I observe her through my looking glass eyes.

She is a plain beauty for whom I'd tread broken glass
and move whole mountains
to find myself enlightened; kneeling in her shadow.

Re: 2 Stanza exercise

Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2012 10:15 pm
by Pauline
You spilt over the edge of drunk, stashing
mountains of glass into shadows of sober
promises that have never reached daylight.
You do not remember. Plain and simple.

Your foggy head, chained to glass railings, tugs
at my unimpressed stare. I turn away
and close my eyes from nostalgic yearnings.
A mountain of shadows, no light. Plain. Simple.