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The Person You Are

Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 3:54 pm
by Halfwrittenpoem
Sometimes when I look at you, Ialmost say his name, the way you accidentally murmured hers when you were telling me how important I was.
It scared me, the pasts we keep inside ourselves, the experiences neither of us can touch.
I want to love you deeper than anyone has, yet I hate when you tell me you are not attracted to her anymore, the way we offer words erasing all past ensuring that each of us feel loved .
I don't wish to erase the past, I want it - yours and mine to teach me how to love you deeper...
Forget loving deeper. There is no competition. This is just a promise that I will love, cherish and protect you for all the people you have been with and will be with, for the person you are.
I see you hesitate while returning this vow.
I feel your vulnerability, but only for a second and no more.You request me to be gentle and patient with your heart so I wrap you up in my arms and accept the responsibility.
I feel your indecision, the unsteadiness in your gaze when your eyes meet mine. No matter how much of my passion I let leak through my kisses and no matter how frantically I graze my fingers against your skin hoping to intoxicate you by my presence, although temporarily; you remain distant.
I am terrified of the fact that someone could love you so much, make you this fragile and breakable, and even more when I think about the probability of me being the reason for your hesitation.
Persevering in my attempts to make you mine, I let my warmth sink through you, burning your soul at a slow flame, heating through your skin and bones. I nearly feel your heart. Nearly.
That's when the cold swallows you once again.
I feel the wall burst out of you enveloping you.
It throws me off balance and as I reach out for you, you disappear again sequestered in yourself.
Now, it is I who is vulnerable, undecided and cold.

Re: The Person You Are

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 4:17 am
by Poet
Just one question, is this a story or a poem?