Food Heaven

Any closet novelists, short story writers, script-writers or prose poets out there?
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Food Heaven

Post by Firebird » Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:01 pm

I could eat whatever I wanted without any health, moral or financial concerns. First I ate all those foods I’d loved for years but avoided for health reasons, and felt invincible again knowing that the cholesterol, calories, sugar, salt and carcinogens had no affect on me. Then I ate the foods I’d never tried for ethical reasons: foie gras; dolphin and whale; and fruits that would have come from the other side of the world. Initially, I couldn’t stop myself thinking about their associations, but the enjoyment soon helped me to forget these.

All food came ready to eat. Nobody cooked here. And as I knew none of the ingredients could hurt me, I didn’t care what was in the food I ate. After a time, cottage pie had no more ingredients than an apple.

In a vast suoermarket, I overheard other shoppers talking about their discoveries from the lesser known isles, and I too started to look for foods that I or nobody else had tried.

There were no abattoirs, dairies, orchards, farms, producer or restaurants here - the only way one blue cheese could be distinguished from another was by taste, texture and smell. There were no connoisseurs, food critics or celebrity chefs to sway my decisions, either. I had all the time I needed to find out for myself what I really liked.

I searched and searched for foods that I'd want to eat for a longtime, but any I initially liked, were soon ruined by eating too much of.

When I died I had memories from my life: food that was a guilty pleasure; food I loved because my mother cooked it; food I partly loved because I could only afford it now and then or because it was so bad for me; food I wanted to eat because experts had recommended it or everyone else was eating it; and food I ate because of where it came from. But after a time, these memories faded. And I, like most others after death, no longer eat food, because there's simply no need for it.

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Re: Food Heaven

Post by Halfwrittenpoem » Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:55 am

Being a foodie myself this post was rather amusing for me, and in a good way.
But if I am to be one hundred percent honest, the ending was kind of predictable.
A boy who apparently didn't eat enough all his life, gets unlimited treats in heaven( I'm assuming heaven because of the title and the fact that nobody in hell deserves to have this kind of a celebration), but realises that he longer needs it anymore. I connect this idea a lot with mortals who work so hard to achieve things they want or keep wishing to own so many new goodies and then when they finally do, they realize it's not they want. This is a human flaw in general - the boy didn't have to be dead for it.
I like how you broke down the categories of food into unhealthy, unethical and undiscovered. It was clever and unique.
You need to correct the spelling of supermarket in paragraph three.
The fourth paragraph is a winner. I agree to the fact that we are no longer experimental with food and go heavily by the words of critics.
'Food I ate because of where if came from' sounds clumpsy and doesn't have a proper meaning. Please be more specific.
The last like I said- predictable, but sums up the entire write-up gracefully.
Hope this helps.
Keep posting!

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