Never in a Month of Sundays

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Never in a Month of Sundays

Post by NotQuiteSure » Mon May 25, 2020 2:49 pm

Never in a Month of Sundays

I wanted to write a clever political poem,
really, I did. But then he said it, actually
said it – integrity – and I had to stop and go
to the window, for surely there would be
a pig flying by, any second now. Perhaps
more than one, and I didn't want to miss that.

But then after a long minutes of blue skies
thinking and waiting I realised, of course,
...........I'm in the London Bubble
and here the air-space must be protected,
so sightings of any fly-by-day porkies
would be miles away in the gammon counties,
or over the dead red north: though could they
stop tugging their forelocks long enough
to look up and report? Doubtful,

but still, I turned on the TV, checked my feeds
and alerts. Kept the volume down
so I would be able to hear the sound
I was sure would be coming,
was sure must be coming,
was sure getting nearer,
was sure getting louder,
was sure that I'd hear
the sound that would shatter
the silence of lockdown.
The sound of Hell
freezing over.

And while I didn't hear that
(I waited an hour)
I did hear the sound
of disbelief



Or maybe that's just my wishful thinking
and the sound that I hear is nothing
more than the sound of my chamber
echoing. The sound of isolation
breaking down.


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Re: Never in a Month of Sundays

Post by TrevorConway » Mon May 25, 2020 8:53 pm

Hey Not,

I couldn't get into this after a couple of readings. I guess if I'm gonna be totally blunt/honest, it just didn't interest me (whether that's because of the topic or the language or both, I'm not sure). Anyway, I hope this feedback isn't too discouraging. It's just good to know sometimes when a poem doesn't cut the mustard for someone else. If any ideas or more specific feedback come to mind on further readings, I'll throw it out there.

All the best,


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