'I died for Beauty - but was scarce'

by Emily Dickinson


I died for Beauty – but was scarce
Adjusted in the Tomb
When One who died for Truth, was lain
In an adjoining Room –
He questioned softly ‘Why I failed’?
‘For Beauty’, I replied –
‘And I – for Truth – Themself are One –
We Bretheren, are’, He said –
And so, as Kinsmen, met a Night –
We talked between the Rooms –
Until the Moss had reached our lips –
And covered up – our names –
Emily Dickinson | Classic Poems

Because I could not stop for Death ] I heard a Fly buzz-when I died ] I cannot live with You ] [ I died for Beauty- but was scarce ] It was not Death, for I stood up ] My life closed twice before its close ] Success is counted sweetest ]






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