The Skylark

by James Hogg


        Bird of the wilderness,
        Blithesome and cumberless,
Sweet be thy matin o’er moorland and lea!
        Emblem of happiness,
        Blest is thy dwelling-place—
Oh, to abide in the desert with thee!
       Wild is thy lay and loud,
       Far in the downy cloud,
Love gives it energy, love gave it birth.
       Where on thy dewy wing,
       Where art thou journeying?
Thy lay is in heaven, thy love is on earth.
       O'er fell and fountain sheen,
       O'er moor and mountain green,
O'er the red streamer that heralds the day,
       Over the cloudlet dim,
       Over the rainbow's rim,
Musical cherub, soar, singing away!
       Then, when the gloaming comes,
       Low in the heather blooms,
Sweet will thy welcome and bed of love be!
       Emblem of happiness,
       Blest is thy dwelling-place
Oh, to abide in the desert with thee!
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