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Adams, Sarah Flower 1805-1848 Baptist Burial Ground, Foster Street, Essex, England.
Agee, James 1909-1955 Agee Family Farm, Hillsdale, New York, USA.  
Aiken, Conrad 1889-1973 Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia, USA. Epitaph: 'Cosmos Mariner - Destination Unknown'.  
Akenside, Mark 1721-1770 St. James's Church, Piccadilly, London, England.  
Akhmatova, Anna (Anna Andreyevna Gorenko) 1889-1966 Komarovo Cemetery, St Petersburg, Russia.  
Alcock, Mary 1741-1798 St Michael, Haselbech, Northants, England  
Allingham, William 1824-1889 St. Anne's Churchyard, Ballyshannon, Ireland.
Apollinaire, Guillaume 1880-1918 Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France.
Arbuthnot, John 1667-1735 St. James's Church, Piccadilly, London, England.  
Austin, Alfred 1835-1913 ? (Dodgy Poet Laureate 1896-1913)  
Baillie, Joanna 1762-1851 St. John's Church, Hampstead, London, England.  
Barbauld, Anna Letitia 1762-1825 St Mary's Church, Stoke Newington, London, England.  
Barlow, Joel 1754-1812 Zarnowiec Village Churchyard, Poland. (US poet and diplomat)  
Beaumont, Francis 1584-1616 Westminster Abbey, London, England.  
Beddoes, Thomas Lovell 1803-1849 Grounds of Basel Hospital, Switzerland. (He committed suicide.) The cemetery has now been built over and is (possibly) an ambulance station.  
Belloc, Hilaire 1870-1953 Catholic Churchyard, West Grinstead, West Sussex, England.  
Benét, Stephen Vincent 1898-1943 Evergreen Cemetery, Stonington, Connecticut, USA.  
Berrigan, Ted 1934-1983 Calverton National Cemetery, Calverton, New York, USA.  
Berryman, John 1914-1972 Resurrection Cemetery, Mendota Heights, Dakota County, Minnesota, USA.  
Binyon, Laurence 1869-1943 St. Mary's Church, Aldworth, Berkshire, England. ('...and in the morning/We will remember them.')  
Blunt, Wilfred Scawen 1840-1922 Newbuildings Place, Southwater, West Sussex, England.  
Bogan, Louise 1897-1970 Ashes scattered in Greenwich Village, USA.  
Bontemps, Arna 1902-1973 Greenwood Cemetery, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.  
Borges, Jorge Luis 1899-1986 Cimètiere de Plainpalais, Geneva, Switzerland.
Brecht, Bertolt 1898-1956 Dorotheenstäd and Friedrichswerder Cemetery, Berlin, Germany.
Breton, André 1896-1966 Batignolles Cemetery, Paris, France. (Surrealist poet) (Paul Verlaine is also buried here.)  
Brodsky, Joseph 1940-1996 San Michele Cemetery, Venice, Italy.  
Brome, Alexander 1620-1666 St Stephen Walbrook, City of London.  
Brontë, Anne (Acton Bell) 1820-1849 St. Mary's Churchyard, Scarborough, Yorkshire, England.  
Brontë, Charlotte (Currer Bell) 1816-1855 St. Michael and All Angels' Church, Haworth, Yorkshire, England.  
Brooks, Gwendolyn 1917-2000 Lincoln Cemetery, Worth, Cook County, Illinois, USA.  
Brown, T. E. 1830-1897 Redland Parish Churchyard, Bristol, England. (Manx dialect poet)  
Bryant, William Cullen 1794-1878 Roslyn Cemetery, Roslyn, Nassau County, New York, USA.  
Burton, Richard Francis 1821-1890 St. Mary Magdalene's Churchyard, Mortlake, London, England.  
Caedmon c.670 Memorial in St Mary's Churchyard, Whitby, Yorkshire, England.  
Campion, Thomas 1567-1620 St. Dunstan-in-the-West, Fleet Street, London, England.  
Carew, Thomas c.1595-1639 St. Dunstan-in-the-West, Fleet Street, London, England.  
Carey, Henry ?1687-1743 St. James's Church, Clerkenwell, London, England.  
Carter, Elizabeth 1717-1806 Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair, London, England.  
Carver, Raymond 1938-1988 Ocean View Cemetery, Port Angeles, Washington, USA.  
Cavafy, Constantine P. 1863-1933 El Shatby Cemetery, Alexandria, Egypt.  
Cavendish, Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle 1623-1673 North Transept, Westminster Abbey, London, England.  
Celan, Paul 1920-1970 Cimètiere de Thiais, Thiais, France. (Drowned himself in the Seine.)  
Cibber, Colley 1671-1757 Either: Danish Church, Wellclose Square, Shadwell, London. (Demolished 1870) Or: Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair, London, England.  
Chesterton, G. K. 1874-1936 Roman Catholic Cemetery, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England. (Wrote The Rolling English Road)  
Churchyard, Thomas ?1523-1604 St. Margaret's Church, Westminster, London, England.  
Clough, Arthur Hugh 1819-1861 English Cemetery, Florence, Italy.
Collier, Mary 1688-1762 St. Lawrence, Alton, Hampshire  
Collins, William 1721-1759 St. Andrew Oxmarket, Chichester, West Sussex, England.  
Corbett, Richard 1582-1635 Norwich Cathedral, Norwich, Norfolk, England.  
Corso, Gregory 1930-2001 Camo Cestio Cemetery, Rome, Italy, Europe.  
Cowley, Abraham 1618-1667 Poets' Corner, Westminster Abbey, London, England,  
Crane, Hart 1899-1932 Committed suicide by jumping from the S.S. Orizaba, off Florida, while returning from Mexico.  
Crane, Stephen 1871-1900 Evergreen Cemetery, Hillside, New Jersey, USA.  
Crapsey, Adelaide 1878-1914 Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, New York, USA.  
Cullen, Countee 1903-1946 Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York, USA.
Cumberland, Richard 1732-1811 Westminster Abbey, London, England.  
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