James Hogg



James Hogg is buried in Ettrick Churchyard, Ettrick, Scottish Borders.

Hogg's poetic talent was discovered by Sir Walter Scott to whom he sent a number of his poems.

In 1810 Hogg moved to Edinburgh and subsequently made his reputation as a poet with his collection The Queen's Wake published in 1813.

He was well regarded by fellow Romantic Poets such as Byron, Wordsworth and Southey. Wordsworth wrote a memorial to Hogg entitled Extempore Effusion upon the Death of James Hogg.

Ettrick Church

In 1815 the Duke of Buccleuch died and bequeathed Hogg a farm at Altrive Lake in Yarrow. He lived here until the end of his life, farming and writing. He was known locally as 'The Ettrick Shepherd'.

Hogg frequently visited the Tibbie Shiel's Inn on the Scottish Borders meeting with fellow writers including Scott and De Quincey. A monument to Hogg was erected close to the Inn.


          Bird of the wilderness,
          Blithesome and cumberless,
Sweet be thy matin o'er moorland and lea!
           Emblem of happiness,
           Blest is thy dwelling-place -
Oh, to abide in the desert with thee!

From The Skylark  (complete poem)






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