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18th Jan 2016 Humbert Wolfe
3rd Nov 2015 Langston Hughes
2nd Nov 2015 Ogden Nash
22nd Oct 2015 Anthony Hecht
21st Oct 2015 Robert Creeley
17th Oct 2015 Ovid
16th Oct 2015 Virgil
15th Oct 2015 Petrarch
15th Oct 2015 Samuel Butler
14th Oct 2015 Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
13th Oct 2015 Sir Thomas Wyatt
12th Oct 2015 Michael Drayton
9th Oct 2015 Keith Douglas
8th Oct 2015 Homer
6th Oct 2015 Peter Reading
15th Sept 2015 Elizabeth Bishop
9th Jan 2015 Robert Fergusson
2nd Jan 2015 Francis Webb
12th Dec 2104 Edith Sitwell
21st Nov 2014 Robert Tannahill
15th Nov 2014 Hedd Wyn
25th July 2014 Eliza S. Craven Green
4th July 2014 Christopher Logue
20th Sept 2013 Seamus Heaney
26th July 2013 Al Purdy
18th May 2012 Hyam Plutzik
7th Oct 2011 Patrick Kavanagh
18th Jan 2011 R.H.D. Barham
14th Jan 2011 Our Common Ground - book review
27th Nov 2010 Anne Bradstreet
26th Nov 2010 Robert Service
26th Aug 2010 Ernest Dowson
27th Nov 2009 Ivor Gurney
24th Nov 2009 Edward Lear
4th Sept 2009 John Gower
25th Feb 2009 William Morris
7th Feb 2009 Theodore Roethke
1st Sept 2008 Robert Bloomfield
31st Oct 2007 Literary Norfolk website launched
28th June 2007 C. Day-Lewis: A Life - book review
27th May 2007 Artists' Graves page started
May 2007 More poetic terms
23rd Feb 2007 Nobel Prize for Literature (Winners of)
19th Feb 2007 Poems by Rudyard Kipling
24th Jan 2007 Poems by A.E. Housman
17th Jan 2007 Norman Nicholson
06th Dec 2006 Kipling, Shakespeare and Milton updated.
25th Nov 2006 Re-design of site.
14th Oct 2006 Singers, Songwriters and Musicians' Graves
14th Oct 2006 Other Writers' Graves
6th Oct 2006 Basho
29th Aug 2006 Elizabeth Smart
24th Aug 2006 Charles Bukowski
19th Aug 2006 More poetry quotations
12th July 2006 More burial sites listed.
24th April 2006 More burial sites listed.
23rd Mar 2006 More Poems by Robert Burns
Jan & Feb 2006 Lots more terms added to the glossary
24th Dec 2006 More poems by Thomas Gray 
20th Dec 2005 Thomas Moore
26th Nov 2005 Thomas Campbell
16th Nov 2005 Poems by Thomas Campbell
30th Oct 2005 Matthew Prior
16th Oct 2005 Joseph Addison  
12th Aug 2005 4 more Odes by Keats  
10th July 2005 Paul Verlaine
21st June 2005 3 Poems by John Skelton 
12th June 2005 Pablo Neruda  
25th May 2005 The Wife of Bath's Tale by Chaucer
29th April 2005 More poems by John Dryden 
27th April 2005 More poems by Alexander Pope  
24th April 2005 Bookshop
24th Mar 2005 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
20th Mar 2005 More poems by Lord Byron
16th Mar 2005 Don Juan (an extract)
20th Feb 2005 8 more poems by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
19th Feb 2005 Archibald MacLeish
25th Jan 2005 8 more poems by Robert Browning





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