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Lawrence, T. E. (Lawrence of Arabia) 1888-1935 St. Nicholas's Church, Moreton, Dorset, England.  
Malory, Sir Thomas died 1471 Christ Church, Newgate Street, London, England.  
Maugham, Somerset 1874-1965 Ashes scattered near Maugham Library, King's School, Canterbury, Kent, England.  
Miller, Arthur 1915-2005 Roxbury Center Cemetery, Roxbury, Connecticut, USA.  
Mottram, Ralph Hale 1883-1971 Rosary Cemetery, Norwich, England.
O'Casey, Sean 1880-1964 Golders Green, Crematorium, Golders Green, London, England.  
Orwell, George 1903-1950 All Saints' Churchyard, Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire, England.  
Osborne, John 1929-1994 Clun Churchyard, Shropshire, England.  
Peake, Mervyn 1911-1968 St. Mary and the Virgin Churchyard, Burpham, West Sussex, England. (Author of Gormenghast)  
Pepys, Samuel 1633-1703 St. Olave's Church, Hart Street, London, England.  
Priestley, J.B. 1894-1983 St. Michael and All Angels Church, Hubberholme, Upper Wharfedale, North Yorkshire, England.  
Potter, Beatrix 1866-1943 Ashes scattered on fields at Near Sawrey, Lancashire, England.

Beatrix Potter Society

Ruskin, John 1819-
St Andrew's Churchyard, Coniston, Cumbria, England.  
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