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Dickens, Charles 1812-1870 Poets' Corner, Westminster Abbey, London, England.  
Chekhov, Anton 1860-1904 Novo-Devichy Cemetery, Moscow, Russia.  
Dahl, Roald 1916-1990 St. Peter and St. Paul's Churchyard, Missenden, Buckinghamshire, England.  
Dostoevsky, Fyodor 1821-1881 Alexander Nevsky Monastery, St. Petersburg, Russia.  
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan 1859-1930 All Saint's Churchyard, Minstead, Hampshire, England.  
Eliot, George 1819-1880 Highgate 'new' Cemetery, Highgate, London, England.  
Fitzgerald, F. Scott 1896-1940 Saint Mary's Cemetery, Rockville, Maryland, USA.  
Fleming, Ian 1908-1964 St. Andrew's Church, Sevenhampton, Wiltshire, England.  
Galsworthy, John 1867-1933 Ashes scattered over the Sussex Downs, but memorial in Highgate 'new' Cemetery.  
Gaskell, Elizabeth 1810-1865 Brook Street Chapel, Knutsford, Cheshire, England.

Elizabeth Gaskell Society

Golding, William 1911-1993 Holy Trinity Churchyard, Bowerchalke, Wiltshire, England.  
Grahame, Kenneth 1859-1932 St. Cross's Churchyard, St Cross Road, Oxford, England. Epitaph: '...who passed the River on 6th July 1932, leaving childhood and literature through him the more blest for all time.'  
Haggard, Sir Henry Rider 1856-1925 Ashes buried beneath the chancel of St. Mary's Church, Ditchingham, Norfolk, England. (Famous for She and King Solomon's Mines )
Haggard, Lilias Rider 1892-1968 St. Mary's Churchyard, Ditchingham, Norfolk, England.
Hazlitt, William 1778-1830 St Anne's Churchyard, Dean Street, Soho, London, England.  
Hemingway, Ernest 1899-1961 Ketchum Town Cemetery, Idaho, USA.  
Huxley, Aldous 1894-1963 Compton Cemetery, Compton, Surrey, England.  
Jerome, Jerome K. 1859-1927 St. Mary's Churchyard, Ewelme, Oxfordshire, England.  
Joyce, James 1882-1941 Fluntern Cemetery, Zurick, Switzerland.  
Kerouac, Jack 1922-1969 Edson Cemetery, Lowell, Massachusetts, USA. Epitaph: 'He Honored Life'.  
Kingsley, Charles 1819-1875 St. Mary's Church, Eversley, Hampshire, England.  
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