Why Advertise on Poets' Graves?

Poets' Graves is an award winning literary website which receives up to 3,000 unique visitors a day. These visitors browse up to 10,000 pages a day, making as many as 38,000 individual hits. Most of our visitors are from the UK and the USA.

We have many highly ranked pages on Google including: our glossary of poetic terms, our classic poems and our poets laureate section.

By advertising on PG you are helping to cover our web-hosting and domain name costs and helping to keep the site available to poetry lovers across the world.


What we can offer

We can offer text links on our homepage. In some cases we will also offer text links in the middle column of our poetry pages provided they fit neatly with existing content. We can also offer ad boxes and banners - usually in the right hand column of any of our pages.

We also have a sister site: www.literarynorfolk.co.uk where we can offer text links separately or cojointly.


Who are our clients?

Most of our clients over the years have been non-literary and include: Marks and Spencer, public liability insurance, academic help, health insurance, funeral expenses insurance, wedding planning, golfing holidays and drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics etc.


Advertising Rates

We can offer text links on our homepage  for 90 per year. Discounts are available if you place more than one text link at a time. We can add links for 3, 6 or 12 months at a time.

Alernatively we can do ad boxes or banners for 100 per year or you can sponsor some of our posts.

Text links on  www.literarynorfolk.co.uk are available for 70 per year. Discounts apply if you place a text link/ad on both sites.

We are happy to discuss your requirements and try to respond to all enquiries promptly. Where a text link has been agreed we will normally activate it as soon as possible.

If you prefer, you can place text links via our www.seedingup.com account - but you would need to approach them directly first.

Please note: we do not support links to essay writing sites.

Payment Method

Payment by Paypal is our preferred option.


Contact us now

If you would like to place an ad or would like further information - please contact me at:











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