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'It's better to burn out
Than to fade away
My my, hey, hey'

Neil Young


Barrett, Syd


1946- 2006 Founding member of Pink Floyd Cremated at Cambridge crematorium; ashes given to family/friends.  
Birkin, Anno 1980-2001 Kicks Joy Darkness Ashes scattered on a mountain in Wales. (Died in a car crash near Milan, Italy.)  
Bolan, Marc


1947-1977 Glam Rocker Ashes interred in wall at Golders Green Crematorium, Golders Green, London, England. (Died when Gloria Jones drove mini into an oak tree.)  
Bolin, Tommy


1951-1976 Deep Purple Calvary Cemetery, Sioux City, Iowa, USA. (Drugs)  
Bonham, John


1948-1980 Drummer with Led Zeppelin St. Michael's Churchyard, Rushock, Hereford and Worcester, England. (Alcohol)  
Buckley, Jeff


1966-1997   Memorial, Memphis Zoo, Memphis, Tennessee, USA. (Drowned in Mississippi River)  
Carter-Cash, June


1929-2003 Mrs Cash Hendersonville Memory Park, Tennessee, USA.  
Cash, Johnny


1932-2003 The Man in Black Hendersonville Memory Park, Tennessee, USA.  
Cassidy, Eva 1963-1996   Ashes scattered on Chesapeake Bay (Maryland/Virginia)USA.  
Clark, Steve


1960-1991 Def Leppard Wisewood Cemetery, Hillsborough, Sheffield, England. (Alcohol)  
Cobain, Kurt


1967-1994 Nirvana Ashes scattered: one third Wishkah River; one third Namgyal Buddhist Monastery and one third given to Courtney Love. (Suicide)  
Curtis, Ian


1956-1980 Joy Division Macclesfield Cemetery, Macclesfield, Cheshire, England. Epitaph: 'Love will tear us apart'. (Suicide)  
Darrell, Dimebag (aka Darrell Abbott)


1966-2004 Pantera/ Damageplan Moore Memorial Gardens, Arlington, Texas, USA. (Shot on stage)  
Denny, Sandy


1947-1978 Fairport Convention Putney Vale Cemetery, London, England.  
Denver, John


1943-1997 Singer songwriter Ashes scattered over Rocky Mountains, Colorado. (Died in plane crash.)  
Drake, Nick


1948-1974 Singer songwriter Tanworth-in-Arden churchyard, Warwickshire, England. Epitaph: 'Now we rise and we are everywhere'. (Suicide?)

Dury, Ian


1942-2002 ....and the Blockheads Golders Green Crematorium, Golders Green, London, England.  
Gallagher, Rory


1948-1995   St. Oliver's Cemetery, Cork, Ireland. (Alcohol)  
Garcia, Jerry


1942-1995 Grateful Dead Ashes scattered: half River Ganges, half under Golden gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA.  
Gaye, Marvin


1939-1984   Ashes scattered on the Pacific Ocean. (Murdered)  
Guthrie, Woody


1912-1967   Ashes scattered at sea off Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, USA. (Huntington's Disease)  
Hardin, Tim


1941-1980   Twin Oaks Cemetery, Turner, Oregon, USA. (Heroin overdose)  
Harrison, George


1943-2001 The quiet Beatle Ashes scattered on River Ganges, India.  
Hendrix, Jimi


1942-1970   Greenwood Memorial Park, Renton, King County, Washington, USA. (Choked on his own vomit after taking sleeping pills.)  
Holly, Buddy


1936-1959 ..and The Crickets City of Lubbock Cemetery, Lubbock, Texas, USA. (Died in plane crash along with Ritchie Valens.)  
Hutchence, Michael


1960-1997 INXS Ashes scattered Sydney harbour, Australia. (Autoerotic asphyxiation)  
Johnson, Robert


1911-1938   Little Zion Cemetery, Leflore County, Mississippi, USA. (Poisoned?)  
Jones, Brian


1942-1969 The Rolling Stones Priory Rd Cemetery, Prestbury, Gloucestershire, England. (Drowned in swimming pool)  
Joplin, Janis


 1943- 1970   Ashes scattered on the Pacific Ocean. (Drugs)  
Kossoff, Paul


1950-1976 Free Cremated and ashes scattered at Golders Green Crematorium, London, USA. (Heart failure)  
Leadbelly (Huddie Ledbetter) 1889-1949   Shiloh Baptist Church, Mooringsport, Louisiana, USA.  
Lee, Arthur


1945-2006 Love Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA.  
Lennon, John


1940-1980 Beatles Cremated in New York. Ashes given to family/friends. (Murdered by Mark David Chapman)  
Lynott, Phil


1949-1986 Thin Lizzy St. Fintan's Cemetery, Dublin, Ireland. (Septicaemia)  
Marley, Bob


1945-1981   The Bob Marley Mausoleum, Nine Mile, Jamaica, West Indies. (Cancer of the toe.)  
Mercury, Freddie


1946-1991 Queen. Cremated Kensal Green Crematorium London and ashes scattered on Lake Geneva. (AIDS related illness)  
Moon, Keith


1946-1978 The Who Cremated and ashes scattered at Golders Green Crematorium, Golders Green, London, England. (Overdose of pills prescribed to help his alcoholism)  
Morrison, Jim


1943-1971 The Doors. Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France. (Heart attack)

Ochs, Phil


1940-1976   Ashes scattered in Scotland. (Hanged himself)  
Orbison, Roy


1936-1988   Westwood Memorial Park, Los Angeles, California, USA. (Heart attack)  
Palmer, Robert


1949-2003   Lugano Cemetery, Lugano, Switzerland.  
Piaf, Edith


1915-1963   Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France.  
Presley, Elvis


1935-1977 The King Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee, USA. (Heart attack)  
Ramone, Joey


1951-2001   Hillside Cemetery, Lyndhurst, New Jersey, USA.  
Ronson, Mick


1946-1993 Bowie's guitar man. Eastern Cemetery, Hull, Humberside, England.  
Scott, Bon


1946-1980 AC/DC Fremantle Cemetery, Fremantle, Australia. (Alcohol)  
Smith, Elliott


1969-2003   Cremated; location of ashes unknown.  
Vincent, Gene


1935-1971 ...and his Blue Caps Eternal Valley Memorial Park, Newhall, California, USA.  
Redding, Otis


1941-1967   The Big O Ranch, Round Oak, Georgia, USA. (Plane crash)  
Slovak, Hillel 1962-1988 Red Hot Chili Peppers (guitarist) Mount Sinai Memorial Park, Los Angeles, California, USA. (Died of heroin overdose)  
Strummer, Joe 1952-2002 The Clash Cremated; ashes given to family. (Heart attack)  
Valens, Ritchie 1941-1959   San Fernando Mission Cemetery, Mission Hills, California, USA. (Died in same plane crash as Buddy Holly.)  
Van Zant, Ronnie 1948-1977 Lynyrd Skynrd Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery, Jacksonville, Florida, USA. (Plane crash.)  
Vaughan, Stevie Ray 1954-1990   Laurel Land Memorial Park, Dallas, Texas, USA. (Helicopter crash)  
Vicious, Sid 1957- 1979 Sex Pistols Ashes possibly scattered over Nancy's grave by Sid's mum - although some may also have been spilt at Heathrow Airport arrivals lounge. (Drugs)  
Williams, Hank 1923-1953   Oakwood Annex Cemetery, Montgomery, Alabama, USA.  
Wilson, Dennis 1944-1983 The Beach Boys Buried at sea off Californian coast. (Alcohol related drowning)  





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